I keep myself lifted in High Consciousness, no matter what the appearances are!
God is all there is! I let the God-times roll!


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Welcome to our Oath of Manifestation Global Community! You have become part of a powerful community of people who are adding their “yes” and their gratitude to accepting unexpected good, unexpected money, unexpected offers, unexpected jobs, unexpected kindness, generosity, prosperity, and untold goodness coming in unexpected ways!! Just by entering your desire, the Universe stands on tiptoe celebrating your acceptance of the desire. Your desire is placed in you by the Universal Source of all things manifest! Your Silent Partner (Universal Source) in all of this is actively responding and corresponding to your acceptance!!

Never forget this: your Silent Partner has more ways than there are stars in the Universe to bring your desire into manifestation! Your imagination can only bring you a few ways that manifestation of your desires can take place. But when you open to unexpected goodness, you open the flood gates of manifestation! And now a limitless Source has your full-on permission! Things that you didn’t know you desired show up, unexpectedly! How wonderful is that?

Stay the course no matter what your circumstances. Pay no attention to appearances of lack. They are irrelevant to your Silent Partner. The unexpected is just around the corner! Remember to share your unexpected good in our Unexpected Good Sharing Room.