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  1. I’ve been quoting the Oath of Manifestation since 4/30/2015. I shared it with my friend Arthur Williams & we began to speak it to gether daily. As a result of this, I have received unexpected gifts & food at work. Unexpected kindness & generosity as well. Each day I find myself embracing the truth of these thoughts more & more. It’s such a thrill to awaken each day excitedly anticipating the Manifestated abundant good of the universe. Thank you for the Oath it has been a blessing for me!
    Bevery Williams

    • Thank you Beverly for your wonderful sharing ! I am so happy to be able to share the Oath with others. I
      have been using a longer version of the Oath since 2007 in a class that I teach. It was created based on the principle that God never abandons us, but we tend to abandon God when we entertain doubt,worry, fear and try our darnedest to figure out how to make something. This 0ath allows us to open to receive and to welcome what is already been given to us by the infinite Source of all. Keep posting your good fortune. It inspires others!!
      Much love!!

  2. I met Arthur Williams “randomly” at the Jazz festival a month or so ago. After exchanging numbers he introduce me to the oath. I was already familiar with declarations, so it wasn’t a hard concept to grasp. Since then, I have had various meaningful experiences that cover literally every expectation the Oath has listed. The most amazing thing is I haven’t been consistent in reciting the Oath and it’s resounding impact has made a positive effect in my life and in the lives of others. I am truly excited!!! Next stop is on the road to discipline… Until next time: )

  3. I bless the day I was gifted with this prayer. I say it every morning and basque in the glow of my own consciousness and connection to spirit. The good news that abundance and prosperity have already been given to me lifts me into to the graceful flow of the day. And so it is when you live your life with “Agape”.

  4. I’ve been affirming the Oath of Manifestation for only a few days. Reading this truth aloud serves as a constant reminder of the truth that God is All There Is. In these first few days, I unexpectedly gained three new clients and had a former client return. I was also unexpectedly gifted a large jar of local raw organic honey. This oath is not magic – it is simply a reminder of the Truth.

    Peace & Abundant Blessings!

  5. After hearing The Oath of Manifestation at Agape I immediately shared it with 4 friends of mine. We have since grown our Oath of Manifestation call to over 80 callers. We open with prayer, we recognize where the Oath came from ( Rev. Cheryl J. Ward ) and we recite the Oath, then we do an inspirational reading. After that we have any announcements and then go into a discussions around the readings, manifesting, demonstrating and how to clear limiting beliefs about wealth and abundance. We have very rich and deep conversations each day, Monday thru Friday. We thank Rev. Cheryl for bringing the Oath as one tool of manifesting. We realize that simply reciting is not enough. We implement those things that we learn on the call in order to demonstrate the Prosperity of God within us.I have demonstrated going from having $9 in my bank account to $25,000 in LESS THAN ONE WEEK! My consciousness around prosperity, My Inner Knowing and my total focus on God-In-Me enabled me to manifest this and greater things. I have manifested trips to New York, an upcoming trip to Ghana, a Reunion that we had been planning for over 10 years was manifested in New York City, etc. I can go on and on about how Knowing that “we live in a friendly Universe that is always providing for me” has assisted me in living, loving and being on a much richer level, in every sense of richness. I am about to manifest over 10 million dollars to continue
    building The Shabazz Empire. Than you Rev Cheryl for inspiring me to Have more, Do more and to Be more. God-In-Me is fully active and I Am grateful!

    • Thank you for your insights, my sister. I will start from where I am…and extend even more than ever. There’s work to be done…Let the Manifestation begin…


  6. A few weeks back I helped an acquaintance re-do her resume. She was in the process of relocating and had been out of work for a while so she didn’t really have any money to pay me. Instead, she brought me some beautiful and useful items from her home that she couldn’t take with her on her move. The gifts she gave were worth far more than the time I’d charge for her resume. Then today she stopped by to drop off something else she’d found for me. As she left she took my hand and placed $50 in it – for the work I’d done on her resume. I immediately thought to myself, “Now I have something to give for Rev Michael’s birthday!” I had not expected any money for the work I’d done for her. I thought we were “square.” I was able to take a friend to dinner AND give a monetary gift tonight at Agape. Unexpected good INDEED!!

    Thank you Rev Cheryl for this portal to share all the ways in which abundance and good are showing up in our lives!

  7. I’ve been doing the Oath of Manifestation since January 2015. I do it each day after a mastermind process with my friend.
    I’m very grateful to have this process which continues to change me, my mind, and my life for the better.
    There are times I get caught in negativity and old memories are triggered, very quickly my energy goes down and my body feels weak. Doing this Oath has helped me to move from a difficult place to a joyful place very quickly and easily.
    Also by doing the Oath I am more aware of God and the presence of all Life which I/we are all a part of.

  8. I first heard the “Oath of Manifestation” at a ‘Science of Mind/Center for Spiritual Living’ Sunday service several months ago. When I returned home that same evening I received an email notifying me that I had won an iPad in a raffle from an on-line website that I frequented. I was even given an option of which color I wanted. The iPad arrived two days later all expenses paid!! (As an aside, it is not unusual for me to win jackpots, raffles, lotteries, contests, etc. It happens quite frequently; however, the prize amount has never been more than $150. This was the first prize I’ve won in over 40 years that broke through and exceeded this previous ceiling.)

  9. I was in attendance at one of the ELA graduations and they recite the Oath of Manifestation. I didn’t quite hear it all but the next time I saw Clyde Terry I asked about it. He pulled three cards out of his bag. Mind you…I have been on Family Medical leave since March…money has dwindled down to practically 0 and when I finally began to speak the Oath daily……I received an opportunity for a job that took 8 hours to complete and was paid $250. I’ve been trying to get a lot sold that belongs to my dad…its been in escrow since December of 2014 because of complications with the title…escrow was opened and we are about to be given a clear title…monies have been coming in from unexpected places…from unexpected persons!!! It’s a blessing…I’m telling all who will listen to implement it in their lives!!! Thank you so much…

  10. Hello Reverend Cheryl!

    I have been doing the oath with a partner since January 1 2015. It has changed my life! My perspective about abundance and prosperity has changed I know that I live in a friendly universe that is always providing for me. I see it in my every day life. I vibrate at a higher frequency than ever before. My life is filled with gratitude. The Oath of Manifestation is a practice I have shared with others as often as possible because it is such a great gift.

    Here is a video I have created to share with my patients and friends.


  11. My sister friend shared this link with me at the beginning of August. After hearing that she and another sister friend were expressing the oath to one another daily, I decided to gather some of my sister friends on the phone daily in the am to affirm the oath. We have been truly blessed to declare it daily. We are enjoying abundance in every way imaginable. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work of good intention. Let the infinite and the abundant times roll. And so it is.

  12. I put this on instagram today, true story 🙂 Today I’m #Grateful for #PrayerPartners, OathPartners, and All those who hold me in consciousness to be wildly healthy, exceptionally happy, #prosperous, #capable, #loving and Living On Purpose!
    My girl Lori called me this morning to “Oath” & pray with me, …. and as I was rummaging through some books and journals to find the oath that I was using as a bookmark, $5 flew out! So I’m calling that an instant manifestation. smile emoticon And thanking Infinite Supply knowing all my needs are beautifully met!
    ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ OathofManifestation.com

    #Sept9 #HowDoesItGetBetter

  13. I was visiting a Science of Mind church and someone mentioned the Oath of Manifestation. My ears perked up and I just knew I needed to find out what it was. I asked the Minister if I could find it online and she said yes but she also had a copy – which she gave me. I immediately recited it when I got to my car and a few times during the course of the afternoon. The first ‘demonstration’ of abundance from God came within a couple of hours. I had been walking on the beach and stopped for lunch. After eating I was sitting watching the ocean when the concierge approached me with an offer of dinner and a two night stay at my favorite hotel in VA Beach if I would do a tour of their new timeshare property. Synchronistically, I had already noticed the property and liked the design – so it was a pleasure to tour it – and I had just been talking to new friends about getting a place at the beach! The next day I had what I thought was going to be a difficult conversation and it went beautifully. Right after that I was invited to a birthday party of a person I didn’t even know by people I had just met. It’s been such a pleasure to focus on and acknowledge my AMAZINGLY ABUNDANT life! Thank You God 😀 and thank you Cheryl!

  14. Aloha fam🌺
    Thank you Cheryl Ward. I am grateful for the oath & all the magic that comes with it.
    I have cited the oath on & off for a couple years now. I was recently given a homework assignment to intentionally manifest something specific, so I set the intention for a massage..it’s what i love & my body calls for it as I am a massage therapist myself and usually give rather than receive. The same day I set the intention, I received a phone call from a lady at spa in Santa Monica, telling me someone who wished to remain anonymous, had gifted me a spa day. I was super excited and am currently allowing for a perfectly running vehicle to appear in my driveway, as well as $25k. All this or something better.

  15. Rev. Cheryl…thank you so much for sharing the amazing Oath of Manifestation. I am a member of the Joy of Manifestation Family and being on our morning call has been a game changer, it reinforces and validates that I am God’s path for my journey. I have experienced so many manifestations since I started reciting the Oath.

    I have manifested a weekly internet Radio Show, called The BusinessZone with Crystal and Gilbert streams live every Friday afternoon from 3 – 5 pm PST at http://www.morrismedialive.com.
    I have manifested the car that I am driving that makes it possible for all my opportunities that come to me everyday.
    I have manifested the stock that I own to be a value of $98/per share.
    I have manifested the most amazing team and partners to collaborate.
    I have manifested amazing teaching contracts with Mt. SAC and NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship to Youth)

    In fact I created a goal list December 31, 2015 and to date I am 3/4 quarters through the manifesting these goals and living in high consciousness. Thank you Rev. Cheryl, thank you Joy of Manifestation Family…none of this would be possible without our combined daily loving vibrations. In gratitude to all of us living in the consciousness.

  16. SO many great ( and unexpected) things have opened up in my life since doing this Oath! Thank you Rev. Dr. Cheryl!!

  17. Estoy tan felice con el juramento de manifestación

  18. The Oath of Manifestation is an incredible tool that lifts my consciousness and allows me to create a life that I desire. Saying the Oath, feeling the Oath and what it truly means and thinking about the words in the Oath has assisted me in manifesting greater Self Love, Prosperity in the form of Money and a greater Abundance in every area of my life. One instance comes to mind right now. I had to meet a deadline and with the assistance of The Oath of Manifestation I stayed the course and persevered and I accomplished what appeared impossible! Thank You Rev. Cheryl for such a brilliant Oath and such a wonderful forum to share ideas on how to create lives that we Love!

  19. Thank you, Reverend Cheryl, for this Oath of Manifestation. I am using it daily as part of the Financial Freedom class being taught by the delightful and dynamic Dianne Stewart Hamlin at the Center for Spiritual Living DC. The opening of my awareness to all of the unexpected good coming from unexpected places over the last three weeks has me gasping with delight and gratitude throughout my day. The “unexpected” quality seems to be shifting in my awareness to a much deeper awareness of expectation…the inner knowing that truly, everything is ALREADY given. Am I open and receiving It? Just a little example: yesterday, I told someone about a special hot sauce that I am fond of because he mentioned that his boss loved hot sauce. I told him that I would bring him a bottle. Upon leaving the grocery store last night, I realized that I had not picked up the hot sauce (arrgh) but let it go and figured I would make a stop the next morning. Well, unexpectedly, when I opened the cupboard door upon arriving home, there was a bottle of that hot sauce! I laughed aloud at my simple, unexpected good, grateful, so grateful! I am fully expecting greater good today! Blessings abundant…

  20. Oh WOW! I feel so grateful! Thank you Reverend Cheryl, I learned the Oath of Manifestation at Agape in one of your classes. I miss you! Below is some of the unexpected good that has come in for me!

    1) Singles who are seeking Dating coaching from me have sought me out and paid for my services
    2) Several FREE round trip flights on Southwest Airlines
    3) A free lavish home in an upscale gated golf community provided to me in Scottsdale Arizona from Oct 15th of 2015 through Feb 15th of 2016, including all meals, and utilities, cable tv and wireless internet
    4) Multiple lavish meals have been provided to me at many restaurants in the Seattle WA and Scottsdale AZ areas.
    5) I was taken (all expenses paid day adventure) to Whidbey Island, and Bainbridge Island in Washington state.
    6) A dear friend bought me a beautiful pair of progressive prescription glasses that have the transition feature on them so that when I go outside they become sunglasses
    7) I sold one of my abstract acrylic paintings in May of 2016!
    8) I was offered a Southwest Regional Sales Manager role with a company who I have had a relationship with for 4 years!!
    9) Multiple friends have given me cash over the past 2 years.
    10) A former coworker has asked me to speak to her attorney regarding the lawsuit that she was bringing forth against the company we both worked for. I declined to participate in any legality. (I have received $100 worth of probiotics every month for 15 months since I left the company AND I was just recently taken to a Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox baseball game in Baltimore by my former company! ) And I received a positive professional recommendation letter from my former employer. Had I joined in on any legal proceedings, none of this good would have been possible!
    11) I was asked to be on Fox 13 (Q130 in Seattle for my dating coaching business for singles.
    12) There is SO MUCH more good that I have experienced, in the form of generosity, kindness, LOVE, financial good, business meetings, food,…I could certainly fill up a journal!

    I am so grateful, Reverend Cheryl, keep up the GREAT work!

  21. I have been reading the Oath since 2015 and committed in 2016….Since the 2 new jobs have open for me. I am constantly reminding myself … what ever you put in your atmosphere and Believe it will come forth. God Bless Cheryl
    J. Ward

  22. Rev. Cheryl J. Ward Thank you for the Oath of Manifestation. I has open many doors for me. Thank you for my health and my prosperity….I don’t worry any more.

  23. Dear Reverend Cheryl, Thank you so much for this forum. I’ve recorded the oath for myself and will play it back daily. I’m appreciative of your love-stream classes with Rev. Michael. I truly appreciate your unique style and approach for putting spiritual principles into practice. I would like to share a humorous insight regarding needing dough (money) for something that came to me during a meditation with Reverend Michael. I just got the full message of that imagery within the past week. During one of our life visioning meditations, an image of kneading dough and making bread came into view. So, it came to me that I’m working the dough that I DO have to make bread. It was so funny and unexpected, I had to share. Humor opens me up and puts me into a more receptive state. I believe that this was an updated version of “Tell me; what have you in the house?” Thank you!

    • Hi Rev. Cheryl, Here are a few demonstrations. Since starting this, two new coaching clients came my way. Two opportunities for contract work as supplemental income came up for me to submit my portfolio. I also was asked to be a guest on a podcast on Valentine’s Day. The best part about all of these things is that they came from following a gut instinct or inspiration which was not a logical step. For example, I was called to give some gifts for prison work. That led me to a conversation with someone who invited me to speak on their show. So, to me the strengthening of my connection with inner guidance is the true prosperity gift.

      • And there have been many sweet little surprises. A recent one was this: My husband and I had gone shopping at a store and I realized that my coupons were at home in my car. I asked a store associate if I could leave the things here while I go back home and get the coupons. He told me that he would see if he could find some coupons for me so that I didn’t have to go home. Now that I think about it. These were the same type of coupons I gave out spontaneously a week or so ago.

  24. We started a Campaign of Consciousness, at Rev. Cheryl’s inspired suggestion, for our Spiritual Center and for ourselves as individuals this last November. WOW – the results have been powerful on both fronts. Personally, $4400 came my way out of the blue and more work opportunities opened up in big ways. Even more importantly, the increase in participation / giving / attendance /energy was felt throughout our entire organization.
    So many members of our spiritual community have partnered up and repeat the Oath on a Daily basis, reporting that they experience amazing demonstrations on a regular basis.
    The Oath of Manifestation is a foundational tool that we print and insert into our Sunday programs at least once a month, reminding all of us to take the time to declare and connect with Infinite Supply.
    Thank you, Rev. Cheryl, for this powerful Gift! We are eternally grateful.

  25. Cheryl Ward, I want to THANK YOU for your kindness, teachings and sharing, this has been a week of challenge for me, but I am REMINDED of Who I am and what capacities I have within. I have been diligent in NOT going down the rabbit-hole of emotions and staying the course of the Oath to myself and MANIFESTATION IS HAPPENING. Yesterday, I received an amazing call from a dear friend who loves me at the of my being and poured into me. How Grateful I a for Andre Parker and his beautiful wife Nicole Turner Parker, my life is so much richer with them in it. As the day progressed, one of my clients’ shared how important I am to his busy and my cup runneth over. But God was not finished with me just yet… I got a late night call from a former client (who I have not spoken too in 3 years) and he gave me an opportunity to make thousands…MERRY MANIFESTATION MONDAYS’!!!!!

  26. After reciting the Oath of MAnifeation the other day, I was guided to clean up my finances, I cancelled services I wasn’t using. I was surprised and pleased to get over 180 refunds for money I didn’t even know I was owed. I know this is a tip of an avalanche of abundance coming my way and I am open to it and grateful for it. Thank you, Rev Cheryl for this great reminder. And so it is. -Amen.

  27. Hi Rev. Cheryl! It’s Raquels niece. I’ve been keeping up with manifestation Monday’s and I just had to share this. So today I’m at Walmart and this gentleman approaches me, at first I didn’t recognize him but once he mentioned my son Luis I realized he was my neighbor from down the street. Now I’ve only said hi to this gentleman a few times since he sees me some mornings taking Luis to the bus stop. Well he begins to tell me that he was purchasing a bike for Luis and told me to go ahead and pick one out. Then he told me to pick out something for Lil Daniel. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude I almost cried. It was so unexpected,I graciously accepted and couldn’t stop thanking him. So much good has happened since I moved to Florida and I know it’s because of what I learned from you, my aunt and Agape. I’m miss you all so very much. Thank you for giving me the tools to live a happy, peaceful, and prosperous life. Much love and hugs from the boys and I.💖

  28. Thank you so much for the Oath of Manifestation and your live Facebook post. . I have been repeating it twice a day for 11 days and today I received $3,200 in an bonus from my job. It came at the right time and I was able to pay all of my debts on time. I am grateful for you, Rev. Michael, and Agape. Peace and blessings.

  29. Hello Rev. Cheryl and Community-

    I have been reciting The Oath and I must confess not very consistantly. I am here to report that I accepted an offer to help on a project for one day. Once I arrived, it was extended to five days with 2 of those days being in the capacity that I truly desire. Thank you for the Oath and Monday Manifestations. xoxo

  30. Since joining the Oath of Manifestation community I am finding pennies and dimes almost daily. Once I went into a store and needed to tie my shoe upon getting out of the car as I gazed a the ground below, I did not see any pennies. Upon returning to my car, there were 2 pennies right by my car door. Manifestation is happening all the time!

  31. Please don’t post what I put in at 12:50 pm on January 12th. I entered this in the wrong place. It should have been entered in the Your Desires page. Thank you.

  32. PEOPLE…PEOPLE…PEOPLE, please hear me…If you are Not manifesting by using the Oath of Manifestation, please center down and get really specific with what you desire. I am HERE to tell you IT works and when you are in the Flow… you will be Amazed at all that life wants to give you. I gave my testimony regarding a former client and how I made several placements that resulted in several thousands of dollars, well the checks got here and I dropped to my knees with gratitude and thanks. I have NEVER made money so fast and with so much ease ever in my life. But to top that all off the client has given more work and even asked me if I wanted a Mgmt job for over 90K…I just want to pinch myself to see if this is real. But I know that it is… I have been surrendering my ego (edging God out) for years now and ONLY live my life for God. Please know …. YOUR MANIFESTATIONS IS AWAITING YOU!!

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